Welcome home to your spot for spirit!

Welcome home to your spot for spirit!

Meet Tiffany with Spot On Spirit: 

•Psychic •Reiki Master •Medium


Meet Tiffany with Spot On Spirit: 

•Psychic •Reiki Master •Medium

About Me


Meet Tiffany

Hey soul friend! Welcome. It's Tiffany, with Spot On Spirit. I am so honored your spirit led you here. A little about me - I am a psychic, medium and reiki practitioner in the Denver area. My journey, and spiritual path has helped me to hone my abilities, and be of service in a way that truly brings me joy.

Metaphysics is my passion. What brings me joy is doing what I love: readings and reiki.

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  • Psychic and or Mediumship Readings
  •  Reiki (in person/distance)
  •  Reading and Reiki Session Combination

 I offer services that include psychic, and or mediumship readings, as well as reiki either in person, or at a distance. My mission is to inspire, uplift, connect, and heal. If you are interested in setting up a reading or reiki feel free to contact me at; Tiffany@spotonspirit.life   

I offer readings: Psychic and or Mediumship readings at $50/30 minutes, or $80/60 minutes in person, and at a distance. I do not accept checks. Either cash, or via PayPal. 

I offer reiki sessions: In person and at a distance at $50/30 minutes, or $80/60 minutes. I accept either cash, PayPal or Square.

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Contact Me

Don't forget your daily meds Soul friend! If you want Your free meditation, opt in to my newsletter Below! If you are interested in scheduling a psychic, mediumship and or reiki session, please complete the form below and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Love, Tiffany @spotonSpirit

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For questions or requests for customized psychic and mediumship readings, and or reiki, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

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