Welcome home to your spot for spirit!

Welcome home to your spot for spirit!

Meet Tiffany with Spot On Spirit: 

•Psychic •Reiki Master •Medium


Meet Tiffany with Spot On Spirit: 

•Psychic •Reiki Master •Medium

About Me

Meet Tiffany


Hey Guys! It's Tiffany, with Spot On Spirit. I am so honored your spirit led you here. A little about me - I am a psychic, medium and reiki practitioner in the Denver area. My journey, and spiritual path has helped me to hone my abilities, and be of service in a way that truly brings me joy.

Metaphysics is my passion. I offer services that include psychic, and or mediumship readings, as well as reiki either in person, or at a distance. My mission is to inspire, uplift, connect, and heal. If you are interested in setting up a reading or reiki feel free to contact me at; Tiffany@spotonspirit.life 



  • Psychic and or Mediumship Readings
  •  Reiki (in person/distance)
  •  Reading and Reiki Session Combination


I offer readings: Psychic and or Mediumship readings at $30/30 minutes, or $60/60 minutes in person, and at a distance. I do not accept checks. Either cash, or via PayPal. You will receive a recording after the finish of the reading to keep and reflect back on. Typically I space recurring readings with the same client out at 6 months. The reason for doing this is so that the information  and messages given can in fact take course and as to not be unnecessarily repeated, and the second is to assist the client in building their own intuition.

I offer reiki sessions: In person and at a distance at $30/30 minutes, or $60/60 minutes. I accept either cash, or via PayPal. The amount of times you can receive reiki unlike readings is unlimited! Schedule as often as you like!

Please only contact me if you are seriously interested scheduling a reading or reiki by emailing me at Tiffany@spotonspirit.life 

I will personally email you back as soon as possible to schedule a time, and receive payment prior to the reading or reiki session. If you are interested in learning more about what to expect during a reading and or reiki, please read the detailed information by clicking the link under readings and services on this page. Still have questions? I'd be happy to help. Feel free to email me and I will try to get back to you as soon as I have time and good energy to give your question the answer it deserves!

Loads of Love ~ Tiffany

  •  To set up a reading or reiki email me at: tiffany@spotonspirit.life
  • For details on what you can expect during a reading or reiki session click link below:


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I look forward to serving your spirit soul friend!



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For questions or requests for customized psychic and mediumship readings, and or reiki, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

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